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We highly appreciate bass players believing in our instruments that much that they want to endorse them. From our point of view, the musicians' integrity should be unattached. Therefore, we do not grant exlusive endorsements.
For any further enquiries please contact us.

Hugh McDonald

Band: Bon Jovi
Gear: Argo.5 custom

Carlitos Del Puerto

Bands: Steve Lukather, Chris Botti
Gear: Avenger.5, Xpression XP15.5 custom ·

Paul Turner

Band: Jamiroquai
Gear: Apeiron H.5

Randy Hope-Taylor

Bands: Jeff Beck, Incognito a.o.
Gear: Avenger.5

Katrin Ebbert

Bands: Mambo Kurt, Saga´s Suitcase, Scratch
Gear: Xpression Classic, Apeiron H.5

Steve Jones

Bands: Air, Brian Eno, Herbie Hancock
Gear: Apeiron H.5

Marc Jullien

Band: BenJammin
Gear: Avenger.5, Apeiron H.5

Heiko Jung

Bands: Panzerballet, Fourscore, Klaus Doldingers Passport
Gear: Avenger.6

Joel Bailey

Band: Gary Kyle
Gear: Apeiron H.5 ·

Gerd Rosenacker

Band: Slut
Gear: Apeiron H.4

Philipp Schardt

Bands: Die Resonanz, Marion Raven, Zucchero & James Morrison
Gear: Apeiron H.4

Marius Goldhammer

Bands: Christina Lux, Koenigwerq, Cosmicspacedrift, session musician
Gear: Xpression XP15.5, Xpression XP15.5 fretless

Pál Hanula

Band: StereoTone
Gear: Avenger.5

Thomas Stahr

Bands: Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, German Philharmonic Big Band
Gear: Apeiron Classic.6

Jan Kazda

Band: Kazda, 3 (Drei)
Gear: Xpression XP15.5

Volkmar Weber

Band: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Gear: Xpression XP15.5

Joel Starander

session musician
Gear: Apeiron H.5

Andreas Canzani

Band: Seven
Gear: Apeiron H.5



XP15.5 fretless
XP15.6 fretless

H.4 Edition
HP.4 Edition
H.5 Edition
HP.5 Edition

Argo.5-1 fretless

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